Syahidah founded a new style of Art, which she called Essentialism, back in 2000 but only launch them in 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia entitled: Unmasked.Ed

“The line is the foundation of my style of Art. I believe that focusing on the lines will give a truer, clearer understanding of the work, than if they were cluttered with too many other visual means of expression. My lines should be understood as seeking the fundamental truths of my subjects. I seek to reveal the essential lines of my chosen subjects, presenting them so that their core can best be understood. With each drawing, I am telling you something special about the nature of the person drawn. In some drawings, I use symbolism to further speak of their inner truths. So, if my work were to be summed up in two words it would be line and symbol.” - Syahidah Osman