Artist's  Statement

Syahidah Osman is a self-taught, South-East Asian female artist who uses different mediums to capture the tragically beautiful and profoundly hidden aspects of the human condition that ties in with domesticity, family, security, vulnerability, fragility, tension, and partnership. To widen people’s perceptions and embed a sense of wonder through art. Besides original artworks, she also sells prints and accessories for sale with part of the proceeds going to Non-Governmental Organizations that echo her sentiment. She has exhibited across Asia and now plans to exhibit across Northern America.

Syahidah Osman is a prime candidate for authentic advocacy. Her overprotective childhood in a strict Muslim household, 18 yrs of marriage to a schizophrenic ex-husband, and the day-to-day conflict and challenge to meet the demands of a studio practice, marketing, and administrative side of the art business and the call of motherhood and its duties are clearly displayed in her artworks.


Syahidah Osman wants to harness the power of the arts to raise understanding when facts fail. She plans to instigate empathy, instill curiosity and uses her artworks as a catalyst for community engagement. She hopes to restore humanity's capability to connect with others in a technology dominated world.

Her three principal purposes are:

  1. Exploring different collaborators to work with.

  2. Exhibit artworks to advocate on issues that are being addressed.

  3. Engagement with the community to instill greater empathy.


Achieving success in advocacy or artistic endeavors by capturing the emotions and imagination of the audience.

Advocacy Through  Art